• Vadeks Transport ltd from Skopje,
Republic of Macedonia, is  established in 2003
and its core business  is a road transportation,
forwarding & logistics, but intermediate in sea
and air transport,  also.

The Company is specialized and narrowly
dedicated to logistics and  transport all around
Scandinavian and Northern European countries.

Company's History

• VADEKS Transport is undertaking and
organizing all kinds of  transportation and
logistical scenarios and solutions, with quality
presence on the markets which are demanding
a great deal of  accountability and reliability.

What's Our Business?

• VADEKS Transport main goal is
transportation and logistics, to any  destination
in Europe and wider, to be brought up on a
services level  which will be established as a
well known brand in this industry.

Implementing modern strategic and
organizational  models and  standards, VADEKS
Transport is aiming towards creating and
equipping  optimal companies' structure, always
promptly prepared to answered the  market
challenges and clients demands.

Mission & Vision